WACP2022 will be held as an in-person congress. Last year September, due to COVID-19 effects, was characterized by no restrictive measures (no lockdown, no masks, etc.). It seems that also the warmer period each year has an inhibiting effect on COVID-19 infections. Therefore, assuming similar COVID-19 behaviour of September 2022, we expect that during the WACP 2022 there will also be hardly any restrictive measures. Of course, no guarantees can be given about this.

If the evolution of COVID-19 would require the physical activities on site to be cancelled, WACP2022 will proceed fully digitally.

The decision if WACP2022 will proceed fully digital will be made no later than June 2022 by the local organizing committee. We will keep you updated.


Postillion Convention Center WTC Rotterdam has been set up in such a way that WACP 2022 can be organized completely safe and COVID-proof. We will make sure that all precautionary measuremens will be taken to secure a safe visit.


To enable entry into The Netherlands and participation in the WACP2022, all participants will have to comply with the requirements and measures in force at the time in the country of departure and arrival. It goes without saying that the requirements and measures change regularly over time. Those who plan to participate in the meeting can find the latest version of the Dutch measures against COVID-19 at the website of the Dutch government.

Please check this website regularly for the latest news.

You can visit the website via the button below:

In case the country of your origin requires a negative PCR-test when returning back home, you can make an appointment by clicking on the button below. Spoeddtest Nederland is a safe and reliable organization. Please double check which kind of test is needed for you.