Travel Award Contest

Winners Travel Award Contest:


The WACP Board of Directors and the Netherlands Department of Transcultural Psychiatry (of the Netherlands Psychiatric Association) have sponsored WACP members from low and middle-income countries who were planning to give a presentation at the WACP2022 World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry in Rotterdam.

To select awardees, we organized a Travel Award Contest.

Abstracts should be submitted individually to the contest but preference will be given to multi-presenter symposia.

WACP and the Transcultural Psychiatry Department have allocated a total of €20,000 to this contest. Funds may be used to meet the travel costs, hotel and admission fee.

After reviewing all the sent abstracts, the following abstract contributors were chosen as winners of a sum of € 1500 each:

  • Marcos de Noronha
  • Vasudeo Paralikar
  • Maria Dolores Ruelas Rangel
  • Parbati Shrestha
  • Indira Pradhan
  • Muhammad Faisal Amir
  • Shelene Gentz
  • Embun Pramana
  • Nabilah Amalina Rozi
  • Ghea Farassania
  • Ned Lieketseng
  • Johannah Keikelame

We congratulate all these winners with their Travel Award!

The Travel Award Committee:

Marjolein van Duijl, Mihri Heval Özgen, Kenneth Fung and Hans Rohlof (chair)

Vasudeo Paralikar

Indira Pradhan

Shelene Gentz

Lieketseng Ned

Marcos de Noronha