Pre-conference Workshop 1

Workshop 1

On theory and research in cultural psychiatry

Masterclass on research, cooperation with university(ies)

Laurence Kirmayer

14:00 - 17:30 hrs

Additional workshop information:

The field of cultural psychiatry has come a long way since the era of “the new transcultural psychiatry” in the 1980’s. In the past several years, the practice of cultural psychiatry has found new areas of application, and there is increasing engagement with other disciplines, such as critical anthropology and sociology, public health, and neuroscience. In this interactive session, Dr. Kirmayer will lead a discussion on some emerging themes in theory and scientific inquiry within cultural psychiatry. Participants will engage in a critical review of some of key theoretical concepts in our field, reflect on the opportunities and challenges of current research methodologies, and consider the potential impact of new areas of scientific study, such as cultural neuroscience, Indigenous mental health, and critical global mental health.