Pre-conference Workshop 4

Workshop 4

Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma and the Path to Healing

Healing Power and transgenerational trauma/transmittance

Glenn Helberg and Kitlyn Tjin A Djie

14:00 – 17:30 hrs



Additional workshop information:

A common factor in all cultures is that they originate from families; families carry and produce culture. Migration is characterized by family discontinuity and broken ties. To understand psychopathology in people with a migration background, we need to understand them in the context of that discontinuity. This is only possible with a systemic approach, and by involving the perspectives and experiences of multiple generations in the therapy process. We need this polyphony and different stories to come to healing. Without this layered approach, we cannot understand the confusion that arises among different members of the family due to migration and discontinuity.



Based on a case with several members of a family, the transgenerational transmission of trauma will be examined and discussed. The perspectives of all those involved, including those of the professional, are taken into account in understanding the psychopathology in the patient in order to find a way towards healing.